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We offer a possibility for online video call sheduling for purposes of free consultations within our InfoSec Mentroship Program as well as for the purposes of discussion regarding potential collaboration. To shedule a call, please click on the "Shedule now" button. When you do so a new window will pop-up from a third party application acuityscheduling that we use for the sheduling purposes.

All video calls are done via "Zoom" application.


Full name of the organization: Asocijacija za bezbjednost i istraživanje informacionih sistema - Crna Gora

Adress:  Zgrade solidarnosti s88,  6 

85343 Bijela, Herceg Novi

Crna Gora


Authorized representative: Branko Džakula


Finansijski izvještaji (po godini):

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