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Our story


Cyber ​​technologies are present in almost all aspects of modern society in the form of communication networks (wired and wireless), cloud computing systems, handheld and portable computers, embedded computer systems in vehicles, homes and public institutions. They are increasingly becoming the hubs from which many services depend on, from the availability of simple online services to the treatment of people in health facilities and ensuring safety of passengers during travel. Most of these crucial systems are not provided on a reasonable basis of security, and while they are expected to become safer over time, they are currently developing in the opposite direction and these systems are becoming more and more vulnerable to modern and even outdated methods of attack.


There are many reasons that contribute to this unwanted trend among which is the excessive integration with third parties (external providers) in order to improve upon the quality of service, but rarely security, along with the application of bad and outdated security practices in user account management, software updates and risk management, and the insufficient awareness and education of citizens and professional staff on cyber security. The consequences of a successful attack can be catastrophic, ranging from big financial losses, inaccessibility of crucial services for society, leaks of private data from citizens, and even death.


Association for Security and Research of Information Systems - Montenegro (abbreviated ASRIS) is a non-governmental association that seeks to address the current and future needs of security research in areas of information systems security in production, development of new systems of protection and gaining an understanding of current methods of attacks on information systems while continuously working on privacy and security awareness of the public sector.

Branko Džakula, MAppSc

Founder and CEO of Association for Security and Research of Information Systems - Montenegro

"We want to rebuild trust in information technology through skills, knowledge and research."

Our goals


Public sector

  • Cooperation in terms of providing support to the Government of Montenegro in defining and implementing a cyber security strategy and additional documents of strategic and implementational significance in this area

  • Cooperation in terms of providing support to the Government of Montenegro with regard to the accordance of local regulations with the regulations and standards of the European Union in the areas of cyber security, information security, private data protection and related areas



  • Realization and promotion of research in the field of cyber security and technical assistance of information systems through cooperation with national and international research centers / organizations

  • Cooperation of our members with Montenegrin and global experts, researchers, research institutions and organizations of similar interest, educational institutions, students on projects in the domain of data privacy protection, information security and related areas

  • Cooperation between association members regarding the exchange and defining of the best practices in the field of cyber security and data privacy protection


Private sector

  • Raising awareness and education of citizens of Montenegro on cyber security and protection of private data

  • Facilitating the exchange of information between the private and public sectors on cyber threats in Montenegro


Due to the great need of professional staff on projects, we are constantly recruiting new collaborators, students and members to join our team. All interested can contact us through our contact form with attached CV or suggestion of cooperation.

Our team

VCISO with CISM certification and over 13 years of experience.

Co-founder of Secfix and UN1QUELY.

Expert in cybersecurity compliance with standards such as NIST, ISO 2700, TISAX, PCI-DSS, SOC2, HITRUST, CCPA and GDPR.

He runs the UN1QUELY Cybersecurity Academy and is active at industry events.

Branko cover (1).jpg

Founder and CEO

  • LinkedIn - White Circle
Board member

Branko Dzakula

Cybersecurity program manager with a strong background in managing cybersecurity projects. 

  • LinkedIn - White Circle
Board member

Strahinja Vuksanovic

Cybersecurity Project Manager Expert

Offensive cybersecurity engineer with a strong background in information systems testing.


Luka Bojović

Offensive Cybersecurity Operations Expert

  • LinkedIn - White Circle
Board member

More than 13  years of work and experience in the Hospitality, TelCo and Financial industries, with a special focus on operational security of critical systems. Certified Network Penetration Tester (SANS GPEN)


Ivan Čekerevac

Computer Systems Security Expert (on-prem & cloud)

  • LinkedIn - White Circle
Board member

Over 10 years of experience in software engineering on PHP, CSS, JS technologies working in TelCo, Retail and IT industries. Founder of Bucketora.


Nikola Drakulic

Co-founder and director of technical development

  • LinkedIn - White Circle
Board member
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